Welcome to Edification in Progress – the transcript of one woman’s quest to change what education looks like for future generations of students.

Hi, I’m Stacie and I have a problem. An edification problem. StrengthsQuest tells me my top two themes are Learner and Input, I buy how-to books simply for the sake of new knowledge, decided leaving college after two degrees wasn’t for me, and hoard education related non-fiction like junk food on a cheat day.

In all seriousness, education is my passion. I grew up in a Montessori elementary school in a small, homogenous town. Before graduating fifth grade, not only could I read, write, and do arithmetic, but I could manage my time, navigate conflicting priorities, and interact with others maturely (for my age, of course). These skills, and my subsequent experience in the local public school, convinced me that Dr. Montessori hit on something that the rest of the world is missing. Since then, I’ve been searching for ways to translate those methodologies to the mainstream.

I thought I found the answer my junior year of college. Finally, I had people who had similar ideas about communities and how to make change within them; people who recognized that thinking skills, people savvy, and passion make all the difference. Though teaching was on the possible careers list, in a valiant effort to avoid being part of an education system that nearly destroyed my love of learning, I joined student affairs, specifically focusing on leadership development for college students. This work has shown me the importance of instilling leadership values and reflective thinking skills at a much earlier age. This work has put me face-to-face with a struggling public school system and my convictions remain, we need to do better for our children, particularly our children fighting the effects of poverty.

I hope you’ll join my journey, follow this blog, share your ideas, feedback, and advice and help me to make learning powerful and fun for anyone who chooses to engage, regardless of where they go to school.

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